What is JUGGALOSHIT.com?

Think of the site as one giant collection that’s all for sale. It serves as a place to obtain current and out of print Psychopathic Records merchandise.

What’s the condition of everything?

The condition of the merch ranges from New to Used. Most of the items I would say are in average condition, meaning they’ve at least been lightly used. I’ve tried to state the condition of each item the best I can. If you would like a more detailed description of a specific item don’t hesitate to ask.

How are prices determined?

A number of factors are considered when pricing items. Primarily the condition, rarity, and demand are the top three factors in pricing. The quantity also plays a role as most of the items I only have (1) of. The amount of time I’ve owned an item can be a factor as newer items may start out with a higher price that’s gradually reduced as time goes on. The last factor as I call it is “willingness to sell” an item. There may be an item you see with a larger price tag than what you feel it should be. Chances are that item is a piece I’m happy to have as part of my collection but if I were to sell it, it would be for that price. This site is not intended to serve as a guide to pricing merchandise associated with Psychopathic Records.

How can I purchase something?

You can easily add items to a cart and once finished you can complete the checkout process. During the checkout you will be able to select a payment option of either Cash/Money Order or Paypal.

If you have any other questions please email me at anytime.