JUGGALOSHIT.com serves as a merch or “stash” page for memorabilia, collectibles, and merchandise related directly or indirectly to Psychopathic Records and affiliates. Everything on the website is officially licensed merchandise unless otherwise noted. All merchandise was at one time purchased from a licensed retailer such as Hatchetgear.com, Hot Topic, Spencers, or another Hatchet-friendly establishment or directly from a concert/event unless otherwise noted. This site serves as a host to an extensive collection of goods that are for sale or trade by negotiation.

JUGGALOSHIT.com does NOT serve as an internet webstore or licensed retailer for apparel or goods associated with Psychopathic Records. JUGGALOSHIT.com is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed in any way by Psychopathic Records, Insane Clown Posse or any related artists. This site serves strictly as a fan site to resell collectibles purchased by JUGGALOSHIT.com or other fans.

The domain JUGGALOSHIT.com has been up and running since early 2008. A year before that, a different domain served the purpose of creating a Psychopathic Records merchandise or “stash” page. Prior to that I would buy, sell, and trade on public sales or auction websites, as well as on other Psychopathic related fan sites. Since the days of finding myself involved in this underground music movement in 2000 I’ve done transactions with an endless number of Juggalos and Juggalettes from all over the United States and stretching out to Canada, Australia, and the UK. This site has allowed me to open up to a much larger audience and create contacts with great people I may never have had the chance to before.

A much-appreciated “THANK YOU” goes out to everyone who’s stopped by to check out the site. A special thanks goes out to a few individual’s who have helped me along the way with the site:

Zach Z.
Has helped a great deal over the years in the design, layout and mechanics of the site. An awesome designer/developer with a lot of potential. Spent numerous hours helping to create the face of the website from ideas and a vision. He’s laying low on the web design right now but catch him gaming on his channel below.

Don Hardcastle III
An awesome down-to-earth Juggalo artist who’s drawn up some of the most dope official designs for some of the most notorious names in the Juggalo Underground. He created the current banner logo being used and hopefully will create and add even more freshness to site in the near future!

Dave Davids
An amazing one-of-a-kind artist who’s artwork has WOW’d a countless number of Juggalos and Juggalettes and respected musicians. Drew up the graphics that were previous being used on the site.